With the hot climate in Singapore, you can spot air-conditioner almost anywhere you go. It has become a necessity for people residing in Singapore. The common type of air-conditioner seen are either those that are fixed on the wall, window or ceiling. However, do you know that there is a type of air-conditioner that do not need to be fixed and portable which is called the portable air-conditioner? Portable aircon servicing Singapore is essential to upkeep the condition of your air-conditioning system regardless the type of air-conditioner in your home or office.

It is one of the popular type of air-conditioner among Singapore households since it is portable, light and most importantly, able to provide cooling air. In Singapore, there are various portable air-con units in the market. There are many brands, designs and models with different unique specifications and features. With the wide range of portable air-conditioners in Singapore, you can surely find one that suit your own needs and preferences such as the design and coolness. Regardless of the brand, it is possible to face malfunction issue where portable aircon repair is necessary to regain the functionality of your problem.

Air-conditioning system is definitely one of the essential electrical appliances in all households in Singapore due to the hot climate. Portable air-conditioner is one of the option chosen by many households due to limited space. However, many are not aware of the importance of engaging portable aircon servicing, where people often choose to engage aircon servicing Singapore only when breakdown issues occurred. Do not fret as portable aircon not working is one of the common issue faced by many households in Singapore.


Portable Aircon Servicing & Repair Singapore

Portable aircon servicing & repair is necessary whenever you experience portable aircon breakdown issues such as automatically turn off or other malfunction issues. This happens where your unit decline to work whenever you requires a cooling environment to work or sleep. In Singapore, it is well-known for its hot and humid weather, hence, portable aircon is very useful in Singapore where it can provide us with the cooling comfort and protect us from the hot climate. With the increasing usage, servicing portable aircon and regular portable aircon maintenance is essential to ensure that your portable unit is in good working condition and prevent it from malfunctioning.

There are wide range of portable aircon Singapore brands. Some of the common brands in Singapore are as below:

  • EuropAce Portable Aircon Servicing
  • Trentios Portable Aircon Servicing
  • Midea Portable Aircon Servicing
  • TCL Portable Aircon Servicing
  • Honeywell Portable Aircon Servicing
  • Akira Portable Aircon Servicing


Portable Aircon Singapore

Having a portable aircon is very practical as it can be used in all residential estates, even in offices too.

Cool down a room efficiently

The top reason why someone will choose a portable air-conditioning system is due to Singapore’s hot climate where the unit can efficiently cool down a room, just like any other air-conditioner system. Singapore is well-known for its unbearable heat and humid weather which makes one feel very uncomfortable. All these can lead to tiredness and decrease work productivity, which is unfavourable in the long run. Hence, portable aircon works the same as the rest of other air-con units, which can cool down a room efficiently, allowing one to sleep comfortably and work efficiently.

Small Size

Portable air-conditioner is small in size which makes it possible for anyone to own a unit regardless how small their room is. Hence, another reason why someone will choose to buy a portable air-conditioning unit is due to the small sized portable unit, where it is suitable if your home or office have limited space and installing other types of air-conditioner units is impossible


This seems very obvious where another main reason is due to its portability. Being small in size, placing your portable air-conditioning unit can be very easy and it can be placed in almost any corner in your room. It can be moved around easily without hacking or drilling on your walls. Hence, you can change the location of the portable aircon to suits your needs or move it to another room or office whenever you feel like cooling down the temperature.


Some may choose a portable unit due to the fact that it is not necessary to do any hacking or drilling on your walls. This attracts people who are very attentive to the aesthetics of their house such as minimalist design, where they opt out the installation of split units which could affect the aesthetics of their house. Hence, they may choose portable aircon Singapore instead, which allows them to enjoy the cool air while not affecting the aesthetics of their house.


Portable aircon installation is one of the air-conditioner that requires minimum installation effort as compared to other types of air-conditioner. Hence, you can install portable aircon almost anywhere and anytime. Despite that, certain installation process is essential and requires professionals to carried out the installation. You can contact us anytime for portable aircon installation.

Cooling Efficiency

Despite the small size, portable air-conditioner Singapore works the same as other air-conditioner unit where it can cool down a room efficiently. However, portable aircon Singapore work best in small area. If your room or office room is very big, portable aircon may not be able to satisfy your cooling needs. With the same cooling functionality, portable aircon not cold is one of the common problems faced by Singapore households, if you ever face such problems, give us a call for professional portable aircon repair.

Space Constraint

In the event that your room or office room have limited space and installation of other types of air-conditioner is impossible, portable air-conditioning units can be used to meet your cooling needs. However, take note that portable units still requires a small space to place the air-conditioner.


Portable Aircon Servicing

Some may think that portable air-conditioner units is different from other units where regular aircon service Singapore is not necessary. Having the same cooling efficiency as other units, there is no exception, where portable aircon servicing Singapore is essential in up keeping the performance of your air-conditioner units. Furthermore, with the humid and extreme heat from Singapore’s weather, the air-conditioning usage for portable aircon Singapore will definitely exceed the average usage in other countries. High usage will result in dirt and dust accumulating around the unit which could deteriorate the cooling efficiency. Therefore, it is important to engage an experienced and professional portable aircon service Singapore Company to remove all the dirt, dust, bacteria and ensure that the unit is working in good condition. Other than that, aircon servicing portable aircon can improve the cooling efficiency of your air-conditioner and reduce potential breakdowns in the long run.


Portable Aircon Repair Troubleshooting

As mentioned above, it is not surprising to find out that portable aircon Singapore have high air-conditioning usage due to the hot weather. Other than accumulating dirt, dust and bacteria, it can lead to malfunctioning problems such as portable aircon not working, portable aircon leaking and many other problems. This is where portable aircon repair Singapore is necessary to fix the issue. Despite the fact that it is small in size, it is complete and comprehensive in terms of the cooling efficiency. Hence, whenever your unit is facing malfunctioning issue, there could be different faults that are causing the issue which are complicated and dangerous. Thus, knowledgeable portable aircon repair specialist is essential in repairing your portable aircon and regain the functionality and cooling efficiency as before. Feel free to contact us anytime for portable aircon repair Singapore and we will troubleshoot and repair it for you.


Portable Aircon Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, always ensure that you engage professionals to carry out portable aircon maintenance regularly to prevent dirt, dust and bacteria from accumulating which could deteriorate the cooling performance and also affect one’s health if those harmful particles are breathed in. Without regular maintenance, it could result in aircon problems mentioned and result in hefty aircon repair cost.

Below are some of the common portable aircon problems faced by Singapore owners.

Portable Aircon Problems

Dirty Air-conditioner

The cause of this issue seems obvious which happens when your portable units is not regularly serviced. There will be dust and dirt accumulating in the unit. A dirty air-conditioner result in weak airflow, reduce cooling efficiency and could cause problems such as aircon not cold and many more.

Ice Formation Portable Aircon

When formation of ice on your portable air-conditioning units happens, there could be many reasons causing it. It could be due to the the build-up of dirt which affects the transmission of cooling efficiency in the system. This is where portable aircon repair is necessary to fix the issue.

Portable Aircon Refrigerant Gas Leakage

This is one of the serious problem faced by households, where the unit is not running efficiently and cooling efficiency of the system will be affected too. When your unit is experiencing such issue, be sure to engage a professional portable aircon repair Singapore Company immediately to troubleshoot and repair it. This will prevent the problem from worsening and reduce the chances of breathing in those harmful gases in your house. Contact us anytime for qualified repair portable aircon services.

Faulty Parts

Another most common portable aircon problems are faulty parts. As mentioned above, despite its small size, it is complete where it consist of many essential parts similar to other types of air-conditioning system. Hence, when you are facing aircon problems, it could be due to malfunction parts. Since there are many electrical components and could possess some danger, it is best to engage a professional portable aircon repair Singapore company to troubleshoot and fix your unit.

High room temperature are sometimes experienced by several households despite the existence of portable unit in the house. Some factors that contribute it are the room size, failure to close the windows and doors which result in incoming hot air entering the room constantly. Hence, always ensure that your doors, windows are closed so that no gaps can allows the hot air to flow into the room and choose the right sized portable units that can cool down your room efficiently.


Portable Aircon Servicing Singapore Company

It is important to engage professionals to check and service your portable aircon. This will ensure that the dirt, dust and bacteria will not accumulate which could cause health issue or malfunction issue. If your air-conditioner is not being maintained regularly, it could cause issue such as portable aircon not cold, portable aircon not working, portable aircon light blinking and many other problems mentioned above. If you ever encountered any problems, remember to engage our professional aircon servicing Singapore technicians that are well-trained in portable aircon service.


Why Choose Us as Your Portable Aircon Service Company?

With years of experience on portable aircon repair and servicing, our qualified technicians are well-trained on various portable air-con Singapore brands such as EuropAce, Midea, Trentios and many more. Hence, we are able to perform professional service and repair services for all types of air-conditioning problems that you are facing for your home or office. Just give us a call and we will send our technicians to your doorstep and provide you with quality portable aircon solutions.