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An aircon chemical wash involves extensive procedures and process where all the parts are washed with chemicals by experienced technicians. It is one of the most effective cleaning service and is normally necessary for units that are often lack of regular maintenance or is full of dirt, debris, grime.  

The benefits of chemical wash are below:

Improve Cooling

Improve Air Quality

Increase Efficiency

Reduce Breakdowns

Prolong Lifespan

Energy Savings

How do I know if my aircon needs chemical washing?

If you are unsure which aircon service you should opt for, the answer is simple. When general aircon servicing could not improve the condition of your air-conditioner, it’s time for a chemical wash. By washing and flushing your air-conditioner with chemicals, it is able to clear and remove all the stubborn dirt, debris that have accumulated in your units.

If you have no idea which aircon service you should opt for your air-conditioner, you can contact us and our technicians will advise you accordingly depending on your aircon needs and condition.

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