Common Myths & Facts on Aircon Servicing in Singapore

With the hot weather in Singapore, everybody living in Singapore would appreciate a room that is air-conditioned. Air-conditioning helps to cool down the warm and humid indoor environment, allowing people to focus and rest in a comfortable environment. With the rising demand for cooling needs in Singapore, there are many myths in regards to air-conditioning […]

With the hot weather in Singapore, everybody living in Singapore would appreciate a room that is air-conditioned. Air-conditioning helps to cool down the warm and humid indoor environment, allowing people to focus and rest in a comfortable environment.

With the rising demand for cooling needs in Singapore, there are many myths in regards to air-conditioning servicing in Singapore and we will go through some of these myths and facts that people commonly have.

Myth 1: Air-conditioning servicing is not required in Singapore

This is one of the common myths people assume when it comes to servicing their air-conditioner. It may also due to fact that people forget about the need for regular servicing or want to cut down on their expenses after purchasing their air-conditioner. Many homeowners neglect the fact that dirt, debris would accumulate over time and potentially affect the performance of the cooling system. This could lead to potential problems arising if it is not cleaned on time.

Fact 1: Air-conditioner is similar to our vehicles where regular service is required to keep these machinery and components running optimally. With the increasing usage due to the hot and humid weather, the units need to be serviced periodically. Other than ensuring good cooling performance, and increase efficiency. It will help to spot for any potential problems that starts appearing, which will be fixed to prevent it from worsening. This will prevent you from experiencing sudden breakdown problems and also prevent unnecessary repair cost in the future.

Keep in mind prevention is always the top priority. It is recommended to engage an aircon servicing company serving consumers in Singapore to service and inspect your air-conditioning system early. This will prevent the risk of facing major failure or repair cost that may be avoidable.

Myth 2: Lowest temperature is the fastest way to cool down your room

Most of us may have done it before where once we reach home or office, the immediate action would be setting the temperature to the lowest temperature, hoping the room would be cool down immediately. This is due to the hot weather outside which makes people sweat and suffer from the unbearable heat. Thus, hoping to cool down our body and room as fast as possible.

Fact 2: Since there are many different options in the settings of the air-conditioner, each of them would contribute to the cooling performance differently. Regardless you are setting the temperature to lowest 16 degree celsius or higher 24 degree celsius, your air-conditioner will produce the same amount of cooling air keeping the speed constant. Despite the temperature of the cooling air is different, the amount of time to cool down your room will not be solely dependable on the temperature. However, most of us will still have the tendency to set the lowest degree, aiming to cool down the room as fast as possible.

Myth 3: Switching on both fan and air-conditioner

Fact 3: This is another common myth that is done by many homeowners where during nights, they will switch on both the fan and air-conditioner, thinking that it will speed up the cooling process. You may think this might help to cool down the room faster. However, the way air-conditioner is built and installed aims to cool down the temperature of the room efficiently. The use of additional fan may result in hindering the cooling process and could result in greater work and higher electricity bills to cool down the room. You may feel the strong fan blowing towards you, and you feel the strong air, but not the cool air. Thus, always be cautions when you are trying to use additional fans in certain areas as all these could affect the time to cool down your room and the energy efficiency of your air-conditioning system.

Myth 4: Air-conditioner can be installed in any location

When you are planning to install your air-conditioning system, the location in your room plays an important role. You must be cautious when you are selecting the location of your unit as a less ideal place may increase the time to cool down the room and result in higher electricity bills in the long-run. Also, you should not install the unit near electrical appliances or areas where there is direct exposure to sunlight. All these affect the cooling efficiency of your cooling system.

Fact 4: You could avoid such mistake by asking the professional aircon installer in Singapore on the most appropriate location in your home. In addition, maintenance company providing services in Singapore is also equipped with such knowledge and experience. Thus, they could also assess your place and give you the right opinion on the right spot for your air-conditioner. With the experience, they are able to prevent such pitfall and prevent your unit from consuming high energy bills. They will also able to service and give you tips to maintain the air-conditioning units to keep them in good condition.

Myth 5: Only the area of your room decides your air-conditioner

Some may think that the size of your room is the only factor that decides the type of air-conditioner you are choosing for your home or office. However, there are many other factors that would affect the choice of your units in Singapore. These include the material of your wall, location of your house, the layout of the room, furniture or objects, other electrical appliances in the area and more.  You should always take all these into consideration when chooses the best aircon for your home.

Fact 5: Engaging the experts in the air-conditioning field will help you in choosing the right unit for you. Installing your unit that suits your cooling needs is not that simple and it could be best to leave it to experienced installer who have years of experience in the field. They will inspect your home or office and provide you with the most suitable cooling needs for you. You could also turn to an experienced service company in Singapore who are able to share their experience on your cooling needs. Remember that air-conditioner will accompany you for years and it is important to choose the right air-conditioner for your own cooling needs.

Myth 6: There is no risk in DIY servicing your air-conditioner

Many may feel the urge to do their own servicing as they think they are capable of doing it themselves. However, it could be more dangerous than what you think. Air-conditioner system involves different components and parts to operate. With the different types and brands of cooling units, it requires experience and the right tools to perform the work professionally. One small mistake could result in your air-conditioner to collapse and together with the electrical risk involve, it could either result in unnecessary repair or cause injury to you or your family members. Thus, there are many risks involved and you should always take note of such risks before trying to carry out the work yourself.

Fact 6: To ensure the proper servicing is carried out professionally, you should engage a reliable service company in Singapore to service your units. They have the right tools and experience in cleaning your units and this greatly reduce the risk of failure. Furthermore, you are able to enjoy the benefits including increased efficiency, as well as inspection of your air-conditioner by these experts. It will greatly reduce your risk and help to extend the lifespan of your unit.

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