How Long Should I Service My Aircon in Singapore?

Do you want to find out how long should you service your aircon in Singapore? Many people living in Singapore would definitely switch on their air-conditioning almost every day due to the hot weather. We could see this trend anywhere from shopping malls to offices and many households have an air-conditioner installed in those spaces. […]

Do you want to find out how long should you service your aircon in Singapore? Many people living in Singapore would definitely switch on their air-conditioning almost every day due to the hot weather. We could see this trend anywhere from shopping malls to offices and many households have an air-conditioner installed in those spaces. This allows people to conveniently turn on the air-conditioner with just a single button to combat the hot and humid climate all year round.

Many of us are reliant on the air-conditioner and cooled environment where we will let the units run for a long time, almost every day 24/7. However, not many people are aware that this could heavily impact the air-conditioning system, where it could decrease the operational lifespan of your air-conditioner unit. Air-conditioning system is one of the essential household appliance that are slightly costly compared to other appliances. Thus, it is costly to replace in the event that you experienced malfunction unit that are beyond repair. Are there any ways you could do to prevent the chances of this happening? The answer is yes, and that is through engaging regular aircon servicing in Singapore.

You may heard of this numerous time where prevention is better than cure. This works in the way we deal with our air-conditioner, just like how to take good care of our personal health through regular check-ups. You should take good care of your aircon through regular servicing that could be arranged at your convenient time. Though the regular service and checks, the serviceman would be able to identify any potential problems early, before the condition worsen. It is always better to fix the problem without the issue worsen, thus, prevent you from the inconvenience if your unit suddenly experience a breakdown.

Next, you may ask how long should I service my aircon in Singapore? This question is frequently asked by many households and the answer would differ from one another due to the environment as well as the consumption.

A complete aircon service should include servicing various components and parts in your air-conditioner system. Before you ask yourself how often you should service your aircon, you should understand your usage on your units. Some guiding questions include, how many hours do you switch on your air-conditioning unit every day? What is the purpose or the use of the units? Does it use for office or other commercial purpose? Or simply, you are using it in your room where you only turn it on during the night? Thus, if you are using the aircon for at least 6-8 hours a day, it is the average user usage in Singapore due to the hot and humid weather.

The recommended frequency for common households’ air-conditioner in Singapore should be serviced once every 3 months. This is recommended for the average household air-condition usage, where most households would use their units frequently along the day. However, if you would leave your air-conditioning on all the time and have higher usage than the average user, you should service your unit more frequently, such as once every month to keep the unit at its best condition as possible. Other than getting professional servicing, you should also keep a look out at your current air-conditioning units as there could be signs that would signal that you engage a servicing soon.

Another factor that you should keep in mind is the location of your air-conditioner. If your cooling unit is facing areas where there are heavy pollution, such as roads and construction works, you could find yourself in a situation where those dirt could accumulate in your system. Also, if you are living in the area where pollution and construction work are low, and away from those dirt, you could find that your unit is less prone to build-up of those dirt and dust. Thus, this is one of the factors that determine how often you should service your aircon in Singapore as well.

If you think that it is cumbersome to call someone to service your unit at regular intervals and arrange an appointment, a servicing maintenance contract could be an option for you. This would help you to ensure that your air-conditioning system are being serviced regularly without you doing these hassle. Always remember to engage a company who is experienced and well-trained in servicing your air-conditioning units in Singapore.

Regular servicing helps to ensure that your unit are operating well and would also increase the operational lifespan of your aircon. There are many benefits of engaging regular servicing. This includes increasing energy efficiency, which result in lower power consumption. A unit that is well-maintained could result in better efficiency as compared to one that are in poor condition.

Consistently, it is feasible for you to monitor and ensure that your unit is running effectively. You could monitor if there is any sound or noise coming out of your air-conditioning unit. Always remember that the early detection of such issues has been always better and you could engage an expert to fix the problem for you before it worsen.

You may have heard of common aircon problems or experienced it personally yourself, such as unusual noise, smells, leaking issues or aircon not cold. Some of these noise signals that you have to service your aircon and get it cleaned. It could also signal other issues that require further checks by professional.

These are some problems that could be solved through routine servicing and maintenance. During the process of servicing, the serviceman will check the components of your unit to ensure they are working in good condition. They will also spot minor issues and resolve it for you. If you are facing more serious problems, it may require other services such as chemical washing. Thus, it is important that you get your air-conditioning unit serviced regularly.

You may think that your air-con are working fine without any issues. However, you should never be complacent about it and neglect the importance of servicing. Air-conditioning system works the same as other machinery or even vehicles where regular maintenance and checks are crucial to keep them operating well. Thus, it is always recommended to get your aircon serviced once every 3 months to keep them in good condition.

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