7 Types of Aircon in Singapore

The air-conditioner has become part of our daily life for people living in Singapore. In many households in Singapore, you can see these air-conditioning units being installed in almost every room. When deciding for installing aircon in Singapore, there are many factors that are important and you take note. In Singapore market, there are many […]

The air-conditioner has become part of our daily life for people living in Singapore. In many households in Singapore, you can see these air-conditioning units being installed in almost every room. When deciding for installing aircon in Singapore, there are many factors that are important and you take note. In Singapore market, there are many air-conditioner brands for consumers to choose which varies from design to functionality. To meet different households’ needs, there are also different types of aircon in Singapore and we will go through some of the common ones.

1. Room aircon

Room air-conditioner in Singapore is one of the oldest type of air-conditioner in Singapore. We could see these types of cooling system started becoming popular in Singapore since 1980s or even earlier. This air-conditioner has many different components into one compact cooling system, making it one of the most popular type of unit in the past. It offers great cooling performance, especially for a single room.

There are many benefits of window air-conditioner in Singapore. Considering its cooling performance for single room, it is affordable for many households. It used to be the only type of unit in Singapore. These air-conditioner is also convenient to ship around Singapore. Despite the fact they are heavy, but the layout and design of the unit makes shipping easier. If you are comparing it to modern air-conditioning system, there are some room air-conditioner models which are energy efficient as compared to the past. They can efficiently cool down a single room without the use of much energy.

2. Mini-split aircon

This mini-split air-conditioner also call ductless air-conditioner system. It is suitable for most households in Singapore in most apartments or house. These cooling systems incorporate both the indoor handling unit and outdoor unit which are placed outside of your apartment.

This mini-split air-conditioner are suitable to cool down separate rooms, both separately and concurrently. However, since most people would switch on their room during the night, most rooms will be cooled concurrently and you would not be disappointed in its cooling performance. There are many brands that offer this type of aircon system and one of it is Daikin aircon Singapore, which offer wide range of models to cater to different cooling needs.

Depending on the model, these air-conditioner offers different types of units to cool down the number of rooms. It is capable of cooling down four rooms at one time and connected to the same air-conditioning system. Each unit would have its own customize settings to control various functionality. Comfort is ensured here due to the fact that one can modify the temperature according to personal preference without affecting other rooms. Thus, cooling down a specific spot or room of the apartment turns into a simple task which can be accomplished by anyone.

There are many benefits of mini-split air-conditioner. These benefits include adaptability where it could be installed on different location and spot depending on preference or the design of the room. These units tend to produce less noise pollution as compared to other type of air-conditioner units in Singapore. Also, it requires much lesser space and not compromising its cooling performance.

3. Window aircon

Window air-conditioner as the name implies, it is installed on windows. They seem to be smaller in size and able to be set up in almost any location. It is similar to a room air-conditioner where it works in one room for one unit. Also, each window is applicable to install for one unit. This also means that one unit is only able to cool down one room.

You might be thinking how it cools down your room. The process is similar to a room air-conditioner where it will use the room temperature air, cool down the air, and blow these cooled air into the room. The hot air will be blowing towards outside the window and into the outside environment. This repeat process will cool down the room and reduce the temperature to the desired level. Window air-conditioner is one of the convenient solution if you only want to cool down single room which are smaller in size. It is also able to cool down your room efficiently when your room size is smaller as compared to the bigger ones.

The casement air-conditioner is one of the type of unit that are installed on the window. It is commonly found in apartments in Singapore, where it is able to cool down individual rooms. There are many brands offering casement air-conditioner. Casement air-conditioner works the same as other type of units where regular casement aircon servicing is required to keep them in good condition.

4. Portable aircon

Other than the regular types of air-conditioner, there are also portable air-conditioners in Singapore, which are movable depending on the consumer preference of location. Portable air-conditioner is very convenient and easy to set-up as well. Its cooling process is similar as well where it will cool down the room temperature air and lower the overall temperature. These units can be moved around on flat surface depending on the area you would want to cool down.

There are many benefits of portable air-conditioner. These includes able to move around from one room to another, or from one location to another easily. These units are relatively small, and these result in easy relocation. Technically, you would not need to install the unit, the work to install, the unit is less complicated as compared to other type of air-conditioner units. However, there is still minimal work involve to get these unit work and cool down your room efficiently.

5. Central aircon

You may not heard of this air-conditioner system, but you definitely experience it somewhere in Singapore. This is one of the recommended options to cool down large room or areas. This is because central air-conditioning is able to cool down a large area efficiently. This is commonly attached with return and supply ducts which ensure the passage will be able to circulate these cold air into different rooms or space. These ducts are normally pre-installed in the walls of the house and these enable the cool air pass through and cool down the house. When these cold air becomes warmer, it will flow through the ducts and back to the air-conditioner where it will go through the cooling process. This normally form a circular air motion where both cold and warm air will pass through these rooms.

People who want to install this type of unit because they have large room which it is effective in cooling down such area. By installing such unit in an inappropriate sized room will result in unnecessary electricity cost due to high power consumption. Thus, if you have smaller sized room, you should consider other types of units.

6. Geothermal aircon

These types of unit are dependable and reliable where the average operational life tends to be longer than other type of units. As a rule of thumb, temperatures under the ground are high and practically consistent. A geothermal aircon system will extract the warm air, heat it up, and then flows it through the home. In some cases, the geothermal well where the coil is directed underneath the ground and it could be used to cool or heat up your room, depending on the season. However, in Singapore, this is seldom seen among households. This type of air-conditioner requires expertise and could be costly to set up as well, since it involve a great deal of work on it. Also, since the installation highly depends on the geographic area, it would limit the possibility of having such unit. Despite that, if this unit does not work for you, you can choose other types of unit for your home.

7. Hybrid aircon

This term hybrid infers the mix of two components and the result is very effective and result in greater performance. The hybrid air-conditioner will alternate between the fuel and electricity to carry out the operations. There is also mechanized automation where it will decide which component to run so that it could reduce the overall electricity consumption. On the other hand, the heat pump will be able to absorb the heat from the house into the unit. It will then ensure the warm air will be cooled down and flow into the room, which ensure a cooling environment. This type of unit is not commonly installed by people, and is seldom seen in Singapore despite it works adequately.

Since you are now aware of the types of air-conditioner in Singapore, you can easily determine which type of unit will be suitable for your home. There are also other factors that will affect your decision, such as cost of purchase, installation, geographical area, location of house, room, interior design and many other factors. Remember to consider all these factors so that you can ensure your house will have the right cooling comfort for you and your family to live in.

Also, keep in mind that these air-conditioning system has to be maintained regularly and servicing have to be carried out to ensure optimal condition and extend their operational life as well. This will greatly reduce the chances of unnecessary repair jobs and could help you to save money on the long-run. It will also ensure clean and fresh air for you and your family as well a cooling environment to relax.

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