Why My Aircon Freeze Up In Singapore?

By now, almost everyone would have agreed that in Singapore, the weather is extremely hot and humid as well. This is especially during specific months where the temperature could increase to the point it is unbearable to stay outdoor. Do you happen to experience aircon freeze up in Singapore and have no idea what to […]

By now, almost everyone would have agreed that in Singapore, the weather is extremely hot and humid as well. This is especially during specific months where the temperature could increase to the point it is unbearable to stay outdoor. Do you happen to experience aircon freeze up in Singapore and have no idea what to do? Continue reading and we will cover some possibilities why this could happen in Singapore.

It was reported that 2019 is one of the hottest year in Singapore and could even rise in the future. With the rising temperature, the demand of air-conditioning system is increasing to combat such hot climate. People living in Singapore would demand for an air-conditioner system as set to the lowest temperature to stay cool and comfortable at home or in the office. There are many air-conditioner problems that you may face during the life-span of your system and freezing is one of it. Your air-conditioner in Singapore has the possibility of freezing up as well. If you are facing this issue, it could make you feel uncomfortable together with the hot temperature outside.

One of the uncommon air-conditioner problems is related to freezing air-conditioner and this requires help from aircon repair Singapore company to resolve it. There are various reasons behind why the unit freezes up, and it truly has no difference whether the type of air-conditioner you are using are common household AC unit found in HDB flats or commercial, central AC unit. The cause and solutions to a freezing unit are the similar and it is important to get it fixed immediately as it will significantly reduce the cooling performance and could eventually lead to other problems as well. You make think you are able to resolve it yourself or the problem would go off naturally, however, this is not an easy task and may not be what you think. You should always take good care of your air-conditioner by engaging regular service and prevent such problems from happening.

So you may then ask how does these air-conditioner freezes up in Singapore? Do these units out of nowhere begin freezing? Also, with the hot temperature in Singapore, how does the air-conditioner able to freeze. So below, we are going through some of the reasons why the aircon is freezing in Singapore.

Before we go directly to the possible cause, you may need to know what the joule-thomson effect is about and how does this affect the air-conditioner. This is not a physic lesson, but it will be helpful for you to know some principles behind it.

Blocked Airflow

A common cause behind the icing problem is due to blocked air flow around the air-conditioner system. If your current location of your installed air-conditioner limits the flow of air through the system, there will be no flow of air and could be the cause behind it.

You have to understand that the flow of air could be restricted by many reasons as well. If your air-conditioner unit is not well-maintained or there are huge objects around your air-conditioning system, all these could lead to icing problem as well.

However, you do not have to worry as all these problems can be settled without any hassle from your side. By calling an experienced repair company in Singapore, they will investigate the problem throughout your air-conditioner system and resolve the problem. It is also important that you will engage regular maintenance to service your units as this will enable professionals to inspect your units regularly and prevent such issues from occurring again. It is important to service your units regularly to prevent the risk of huge breakdown issue as well as freezing problem.

Cold Temperature

Despite the fact that Singapore is at times humid, there are days where the temperature could drop beyond 21 degrees. With the temperature outside your house or building gets lower, it may cause your air-conditioner to freeze. This is due to the temperature differences. If your indoor and outdoor unit surrounding temperature is vastly different, it may lead to such freezing issues as well.

Despite the fact that you could not control the outdoor temperature, there are things that you could do to prevent such problems. It is always recommended to have your air-conditioner inspected frequently by a professional service company to keep your units in tip top condition. Thus, even in the event that such temperature difference situation occurs, your unit is able to handle it and operate normally. With years of experience in the air-conditioning industry, we have experienced and well-trained technicians that are capable of servicing your air-conditioners in Singapore and keep them in good condition.

Air-conditioner Refrigerant

Another possible reason why your air-conditioner freeze up could be due to a refrigerant problem inside your air-conditioner. This is similar to the air blockage problem mentioned above, refrigerant system issues could be prevented by having regular inspection and checks. This shows how important it is to regularly maintain and service your unit before such repair become mandatory to fix your system.

If you do not fix the issue in time, it may worsen the air-conditioner condition and further problems may surface. It may also affect other air-conditioner components and could even cause the whole system to breakdown. Thus, if you ever face such problem, you should get is inspected by experienced aircon repair staff in Singapore as soon as possible before the condition worsen. There are times where your air-conditioner unit could require replacement in the event repair are not able to fix the problem, also if you happen to consider the age of your air-conditioner, it may make sense. Thus, you have to consider these factors when you are repairing your unit. Asking a service company in Singapore to top up gas is definitely one of the solution you could try to fix the air-conditioning system and let it operate. However, always make sure the technicians are able to inspect your system thoroughly and understand the fix of the freezing aircon in Singapore. Keep in mind that this may not be the full answer to fixing such problem and always engage a professional when in doubt.

Now that you have understood the possible reasons why your aircon freeze up in Singapore, remember to take preventive measures such as regular servicing and inspection by the professional aircon company. Other than freezing problems, there are other common signs that shows you require repair, and make sure you are familiar with it. This will greatly reduce your risk of experiencing such problem. If you ever face such problems, you can give us a call or contact us through our form and our staff will be able to resolve it for you.

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