How Air-Conditioner Works and Important in Singapore?

In the hot and humid weather in Singapore, the air-conditioner play an important part of our everyday life, providing us with a cooling environment to work and rest. Regardless of whether you are living at home or working in an office, these cooling units will cool down the area, allowing users comfortable and away from […]

In the hot and humid weather in Singapore, the air-conditioner play an important part of our everyday life, providing us with a cooling environment to work and rest. Regardless of whether you are living at home or working in an office, these cooling units will cool down the area, allowing users comfortable and away from the hot weather outside. With such high importance of air-conditioner in Singapore, most users are not aware how the air-conditioning works and the additional benefits that these units provide.

Knowing how these cooling system works is always useful for homeowners these knowledge will help them to understand their own air-conditioner and in the event of any signals of a malfunction unit will help owners to detect and resolve it in time before it worsened. The early detection of any potential problems will help to prevent breakdowns problem and not only help homeowners to save unnecessary cost, but also extend the lifespan of the system.

A fun way to cool down your room would be opening your refrigerator door and let the cool air flow out of your room. I am sure some would think of this method before. In this case, the heat that flows into the refrigerator cool box will be pumped out of the fins at the back of the refrigerator. This could lead to additional heat of your room through this process and inefficiency. This is similar to how an air-conditioner function, but requires slight alterations.

A basic physical law that most of us would learned during the early days of our life is conservation of energy, where it stated that we can’t make or destroy energy. Thus, those unwanted energy such as heat in the room, we can’t totally destroy it, but we could change the heat to somewhere else. As mentioned earlier using the refrigerator, the heat that is absorbed is drawn to another place, which is the back of the refrigerator. If you ever looked at the back of the machine, you would know that these parts are warm and hot in some cases. This is where the heat is dispersed from the inside.

Air-conditioner in Singapore

Thus, by utilizing the power of science, we are able to use it in a correct manner and improve the quality of our life. Now, assuming that you build a huge refrigerator and your house is inside it, where the indoor room is in the chiller area and the other portion such as the hot parts at the back is outside your room. Thus, imagine leaving your entryway open, this effect is basically an air-conditioner. It will draw out heat from the indoor of your room and transfer the heat outside of your home. The repeat of this process will cool down your room gradually.

Most air-conditioner would operate along these concepts, with some modification in terms of efficiency of circulating the air and cooling process. In cold climates in other countries, there is a heating element as well where it will warm the room instead of cooling it. However, in Singapore, there is only one season and cooling is the only element we required for all homeowners. A further types of air-conditioners would use ducts to cool a bigger area such as building or malls, but the basic cooling concept works the same.

How an air conditioner removes hot air and blows cold air

You may then ask how does the air-conditioner blows cold air in the room. We mentioned that the energy has to be moved to one area and outside of the environment. Thus, using the working fluid, it transfers the heat energy to the outside air-conditioning unit. Similar to a vehicle’s radiator where it will rapidly disperse the heat energy to the outdoor environment. Thus, the fluid turns cool and changed to liquid form with the high pressure that are formed. With this fluid will then flow through the channel through a narrow hole to the other side. This will result in the decrease of the pressure and slowly the change in energy would result in the fluid to change into gaseous form. During this process, the air that is surrounded enable the separation of the liquid form into gaseous form. The metal fins that are found in the unit helps the cooling process of exchanging the thermal energy and the surround air in the room. With this gaseous form leaving the unit, it will flow through the channel and the whole process restarts again and goes into the compressor system. The fan component helps to circulate the air in the room which speeds up the cooling process and cool down the room efficiently.

With the air being extracted into the duct and through the vent, it is used during the cooling process in the form of heat exchange. With the heat being removed, the air will begin to cool and the ducts will start blowing cool air into the area. This will gradually cool down your room and after a period of time, it will reach your desired cooling temperature that you set. When the system detects that the temperature is reached on the desired level, the cooling process will stop and the whole process will continue if there are any changes in the indoor temperature. This will enable the desired cooling level is achieved for everyone depending on personal cooling preferences as well as conserving energy in the air-conditioning system.

Importance of air-conditioner in Singapore

Improve air quality: Now you know how these air-conditioner cools down your room, but another important factor is that it helps to improve air quality as well. During the cooling process, these units would also filter all the dirt, dust, pollutants and other harmful particles from the air. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who are experiencing existing medical illness such as asthma or allergies, as this would limit the sensitivities or reduce the occurrence of possible triggers. In the event that your room does not have any windows or you feel stuffy inside the area, these air-conditioner could circulate the air and reduce the stuffiness and improve the air quality in the room. This will greatly increase the comfort level in the room, not just on the cooling factor, but also the air quality.

Protect your home: With the air-conditioning operating, everyone in the house would benefit from it. Not only people living in the house, but your electrical appliances and even furniture. We all know that electrical appliances such as televisions, computers and laptops generate heat over the time. With the constant use of such appliances, the heat could harm the parts inside and air-conditioning could potentially reduce such problem as it will cool down these appliances without compromising the usage.  Furniture such as woody material loses the moisture when the air is dry and hot. This could lead to cracks or warping problems happening. Thus, all these problems could be prevented by keeping your area cool with the help of air-conditioning system and help you to save money.

Taking care of your air-conditioner in Singapore

You may be pondering why we should spend so much time on the air-conditioner. With the high usage of air-conditioning in various areas including your home, offices, malls and other public spaces, it is important to understand how an air-conditioner works in Singapore and take good care of them. Without air-conditioning units, our comfort would be greatly affected and we would have to live in a hot and humid environment

Through the understanding of your system, it would help you to know your units better and able to assist you in maintaining it in good condition, extend the lifespan and increase your own comfort level. If you spot any potential problems surfacing, you should call an expert immediately to service and maintain your unit.

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